Pray for our northern neighbors

Please keep the people of the Canadian province of Alberta in your prayers as they deal with the Fort McMurray wildfire.  Here is a link to an article from the Episcopal News Service about the unfolding situation.

Also here is an email from the local Anglican bishop in response to an email from our own bishop.


Dear Bishop Brookhart,


Thank you so much for your email.  We truly appreciate your thoughts and prayers and for taking the time to be in touch.  At this time the situation is still in an emergency state.   There is very little information from the city area itself, as the remaining people are almost entirely emergency crews.  88,000 people were evacuated from the city.  Some of those – several thousand – are still housed in work camps north of the city.  There isn’t a highway north of where they are, so some are being flown out.  The evacuees are being housed in neighbouring communities, especially Edmonton, our provincial capital.  The generosity of fellow Albertans is remarkable.  We may run into a brief time of not having sufficient supplies, but it should work out ok.  Once the active fire stage is over, we’ll know more in terms of loss of homes, businesses and infrastructure.  Once that is known, we will have better idea of what we need.  We will certainly appreciate help for those who will have lost everything.  At this point, we believe our church buildings are intact.  If you wish, I can certainly keep you updated.  In the meantime, please pray.  We need rain, calm winds and cooler weather.  We pray for the safety of our firefighters.


The Lord be with you,




Rt. Rev. Fraser Lawton

Bishop of Athabasca


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