Capital Campaign for Camp Marshall


The Diocese of Montana is starting a capital campaign this summer and fall to benefit Camp Marshall.  The campaign is called Enhancing Holy Ground. The goal of the campaign is to raise between $750,000 and $1,000,000.  There are three main projects that the campaign is hoping to fund.  They are:

  1. Camper Sleeping Pavilions
  2. Brewer Lodge Renovations
  3. New Rustic Camper Cabins

Here is some more information about each of those projects.

Project 1: Camper Sleeping Pavilions


In order to meet the immediate need to provide more sleeping spaces for our growing camps, in the spring of 2016, we proceeded with the construction of two sleeping pavilions, one for boys and one for girls.


The sleeping pavilions, which have canvas walls, each provide bunk space for 14 campers and two staff members. Upon waking, campers using these new sleeping pavilions, step out of their pavilion to encounter the beauty of Flathead Lake. A preliminary cost estimate for this project is $54,000.00 for two sleeping pavilions.


These sleeping pavilions will help us to meet our most immediate needs as we prepare for more additions and renovations at camp.


Project 2: Brewer Lodge Renovations


Brewer Lodge is a vital part of the Camp Marshall community.  It serves as dining hall and kitchen, meeting space, indoor worship space, conference room, storage and much more. Funds will be raised to make essential structural updates to Brewer Lodge.


Planned updates also include:

  • Reinforced roof trusses, and the addition of a roof underlayment, added sheathing to two walls, and upgrading the existing sheer walls
  • A deck addition with table/chair storage and firewood storage
  • A kitchen pantry and prep space addition
  • An outdoor grilling area


A preliminary cost estimate for this project is $650,000.00.

Project 3: New Rustic Camper Cabins


Looking to the future, we have decided that new camper cabins are needed.  These will not be fancy hotel rooms – they will be in keeping with the simple, rustic nature of Camp Marshall and blend in well with existing facilities.


Funds will be raised for a new double cabin on the east side, and a new double cabin on the west side of Camp Marshall.  These rustic cabins will provide much needed sleeping and restroom space for 64 campers and staff, and will provide outdoor gathering areas for the residents of each double cabin.


The estimated cost per cabin (including site work, utilities, and professional fees) is $524,000.


Please take some time to prayerfully consider this campaign and feel free to ask Stephen if you have questions.

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