2018 Annual Meetings!


Courtesy of Episcopal Church Memes on Facebook

It is that time of year! Annual parish meetings for both churches of the Lower Yellowstone Cluster of the Episcopal Diocese of Montana will be held tomorrow, Sunday, January 21, 2018 following their respective services.  All members and interested parties are strongly encouraged to attend.

For those who are especially eager or unable to make it to the meetings, some of the data that will be presented at the meetings is already available.  Please review these with caution because important context and explanations will be provided during the meetings.

First, here are the agendas for each meeting which follow standard procedures. Miles City Meeting Agenda 2018 and Forsyth Meeting Agenda 2018.

Now, it is important to review the Priest in Charge Special Report from 2017 that I delivered in December 2017 to many members at both congregations explaining the situation facing both congregations AND the Draft 2018 Budgets Presented in Late 2017 that I came up with at that time.

Then, we need to look at the question of how the clergy is paid. How we pay our clergy 2018.

Finally, let us look at the financial reports and proposed budgets for each congregation. Emmanuel Financials 2018 and Forsyth Financials 2018

Thank you for your time and interest.  More info will be provided after the meetings.


Yours in Christ,

Father Stephen


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