Disappointment and Love

Proper 19 – Fourteenth Sunday after the Pentecost

Readings:  Jeremiah 4:11-12, 22-28, 1 Timothy 1:12-17, Luke 15:1-10

Shared on Sunday, September 15 in Miles City and Forsyth

About Today’s Art 

Speaking to those who challenge his teachings and his deeds, Jesus likens himself to the good shepherd, pictured here, who devotes his life, and sacrifices his own well-being, to protect the sheep in his care. This analogy anticipates the ultimate sacrifice that Jesus will make for his “flock” of followers and humankind. 

Tissot notes that this parable is among the most beautiful in the Gospels—and, indeed, one with an enduring visual history. The artist cites the earliest examples in the catacombs of ancient Rome. But again, seeking to distance himself from previous visual traditions, Tissot asserts that this image found its roots in the devoted acts of caretaking among shepherds that he witnessed.

This comes from the website of the Brooklyn Museum which owns the original piece of artwork. www.brooklynmuseum.org

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